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Soke, whose real name is Olivier Hoffait, is a Belgian visual artist whose work arises from a fusion of figuration and abstraction. Through his works, he reinvents images and portraits to create eclectic scenes where unbridled creativity comes to life. His canvases stand out for the boldness of his choices of vibrant colors, the elegant simplicity of his minimalist forms, subtle plays of shadows, and thick lines. His inspirations are drawn from various subjects such as fashion, nature, or everyday scenes. With a background in graphic design, Soke distinguishes himself as a multidisciplinary artist, capable of working through canvases, murals, as well as prints, crystal engravings, carpet creations, and many other forms of expression. This versatility, an essential pillar of his approach, has extended to collaborations with stores, companies, and brands. Olivier is always on the lookout for new projects, unique experiences, and challenges.


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